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Workers in Kuala Lumpur have the worst work-life balance in the world, and they’re also one of the most overworked

People in Kuala Lumpur work for an average of 46 hours a week, with 22 per cent working for more than 48 hours.

Fresh graduates in Malaysia struggling to find jobs

A report says the economy is not creating enough high-skilled positions.

50,000 blue-collar jobs for Malaysians are up for grabs after Japan launched a new visa programme to allow more foreigners into the country

Under the new visa system, foreign nationals with certain Japanese language and job skills will be able to apply for a resident status that grants foreigners working rights in 14 sectors for up to five years.

Malaysians are buzzing about a purported SIA recruitment drive offering S$4,500 in salary and allowances

Highly paid Malaysian Singapore Girls? Not everyone is happy about this.

Mahathir urges Malaysians to work dirty, low paying jobs rather than remain unemployed

If Malaysians don't take up 3D - dirty, dangerous and difficult - jobs, foreign workers will take their place, Mahathir says.

Workers in Malaysia will receive above-average salary increases in 2019: Hays

It is 10% more than the Asia-wide average.

Competency-based interviews and the fight for top tech talent: This is how Malaysia’s job market will change in 2019, according to Randstad

Specialised technology professionals can command a monthly salary of up to 25,000 ringgit in Malaysia, much higher than the typical 3,000 ringgit fresh graduate pay, Randstad said.

CIMB is giving employees who are first-time moms 6 months of paid maternity leave

Employees can also take up to six months of additional unpaid leave.

Maybank just gave its staff a happy new year with a 10% pay raise and more

A review on staff housing loan benefits has also resulted in lower interest rates for staff.