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Malaysian actress demonstrates what it’d be like if wives followed ministry’s advice to talk like Doraemon while staying home

We're not sure this is the kind of voice Malaysians - men or women - want to hear while they #StayHome.

Malaysia unveils RM250 billion economic stimulus package to help nation cope with Covid-19 fallout

It will include RM128 billion set aside to protect the welfare and well-being of Malaysians,

Malaysia is coming up with even stricter movement restrictions in its fight against the coronavirus

Brace yourselves, it's about to get more challenging. #stayhomestaysafe

Malaysia seeks forfeiture of assets seized from ex-PM Najib

Najib said the forfeiture action was being used by authorities to delay or avoid returning the assets, which he said were mostly cash belonging to his political party and gifts from various friends and family.

Anwar has made clear that his family supports PM Mahathir, after daughter Izzah said she was ‘heartbroken’ from working with the ‘fo...

Anwar said that PM Mahathir's biggest contribution to Malaysia was his move to oust the previous government and save the country from "robbery".

Some local, foreign firms eye Malaysia Airlines, PM says

He said he won't reject the possibility of selling the airlines to interested parties.

In a first, Malaysia sues state over indigenous peoples’ rights

Malaysia has filed a lawsuit against an opposition-run state for infringing on an indigenous tribe’s land rights by handing out licenses to plantation companies to cut down timber.