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‘Janitors in Singapore earn more than us’: Malaysia’s medical grads are up in arms over incentive cuts – here’s what we ...

"Why does the civil service seem to be targeting the healthcare workers?"

Malaysia’s first polio case in 27 years is a child who wasn’t vaccinated. Here are 3 things to know about the incurable virus

The incurable virus mainly affects young children, and invades an infected person's brain and spinal cord, which can lead to permanent disability and death in serious cases.

Singapore is less prepared than Malaysia to deal with a pandemic, EIU report says

Singapore ranked 24th, six places behind Malaysia. 

Malaysia among most dangerous of 14 countries in APAC ranked for women’s safety, study says

Malaysia was ranked 10th out of 14 for women's safety in a ranking of APAC countries with major cities.

From English-speaking doctors to affordable healthcare: Malaysia ranks 1st in healthcare category of global retirement index

Malaysia scored 95 out of 100 points in the healthcare category of the index.

Blood transfusion at Penang hospital leaves 4-month-old baby’s foot badly swollen

The baby's grandfather said that the doctors and nurses in charge of the procedure were blaming each other for the baby's injuries.