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Fresh graduates in Malaysia struggling to find jobs

A report says the economy is not creating enough high-skilled positions.

Malaysians are buzzing about a purported SIA recruitment drive offering S$4,500 in salary and allowances

Highly paid Malaysian Singapore Girls? Not everyone is happy about this.

LinkedIn just named Sarawak and Kedah Malaysia’s ‘hidden gems’ of tech talent

There is surging demand for tech talent in Malaysia, thanks to e-commerce.

Competency-based interviews and the fight for top tech talent: This is how Malaysia’s job market will change in 2019, according to Randstad

Specialised technology professionals can command a monthly salary of up to 25,000 ringgit in Malaysia, much higher than the typical 3,000 ringgit fresh graduate pay, Randstad said.

Online hiring activity in Malaysia has been declining for 6 straight months, according to Monster’s data

Fewer people in Malaysia are being recruited online over the months, according to this study.