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‘It will be painful’: Sultan Muhammad V’s Russian wife just hinted she wants to tell ‘the truth’ about their marriage

"Maybe if I tell you the truth, I will feel better," she wrote on Instagram.

Johor Queen says she was ‘determined’ to let her kids know that their great-grandmother was Chinese

"I hoped that they would learn to be proud of the blood that flows through their veins, and to understand that it does not make them any less Malay," she wrote.

Sultan Muhammad V allegedly divorced his Russian wife – and the Kelantan Palace is asking people not to call her Queen

After marrying barely a year ago, Kelantan's Sultan Muhammad V, 50 and wife Rihana Oksana Petra, 27, have reportedly split.

Mahathir and Johor’s Crown Prince are being urged to use the holy month to end their feud, after the PM called Tunku Ismail ‘stupid’ and ‘a little boy...

It still looks like Malaysia's Prime Minister and the Johor Crown Prince are far from making up.

Johor Prince Tunku Idris may have just announced he is planning to contest in the next General Election

The prince first hinted at contesting on April 25 with a photo on Instagram.

Kelantan’s crown prince met his Swedish bride in England: he was in university, she was doing chores for a UK family

The couple apparently met in England, and have known each other for a long time.

A woman believed to be from Perak’s royal family has died while diving near Perhentian Island

She gave the "OK" signal at a depth of 15m and then continued to dive deeper. But all of a sudden, she became weak.

Malaysian royals elect new king after surprise abdication

Sultan Abdullah, 59, of Pahang, will formally take over the throne on Jan. 31 for a five-year term.