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Netizens love the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo, but are now hating on the new slogan

Doesn't make sense? But the tourism minister says: "Those who really understand English will get what the slogan means."

Diver’s video shows shocking scene near Malaysia’s world-famous Sipadan, where he found butchered sharks on the seabed

"I am not a shark expert but the images clearly show slaughtered hammerheads in the reefs off Mabul Island," the diver says.

Someone posted photos of a tourist allegedly taking a dump on Port Dickson beach, and people are not happy

The photos were apparently taken by the user, who pretended to be taking a wefie with his friend.

Malaysia’s not pleased after the US included it in a list of countries with kidnapping risks for travellers

The US foreign ministry said travellers in the state of Sabah in east Malaysia face the threat of kidnappings-for-ransom by terrorist groups, who target island resorts and boats ferrying tourists.

Singapore and KL among world’s top destinations for Chinese mobile payment – and it all happened in the past 2 years

92% of businesses said the amount spent by Chinese tourists increased if mobile payment was available