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‘End the fiasco’: After viral video, woman in Syed Saddiq’s office clarifies she’s a mum with two kids

Syed Saddiq has clarified that the woman in peach was neither his assistant, nor a transvestite.

Mahathir now says ‘no reason’ to revive GST ‘which was rejected by the people’

SST is expected to yield more income than the GST system in the future.

Over 13,000 people sign petition calling Malaysian senator who wanted to protect men from committing rape to resign

The senator's apology and retraction of his proposal did little to dissipate the public’s anger.

All Malaysian MPs will soon have to declare their assets – and those who lie could get 3 years in jail: Parliament

If you're wondering how much wealth a Malaysian minister has, the answer may soon be a click away.

Yet another explicit video allegedly involving a Malaysian minister has surfaced online

Several links to the video on porn sites were sent to journalists.

After complaining, Defence Minister Mat Sabu says he’ll still fly Malaysia Airlines because he’s a loyal customer

"Malaysia Airlines is still my choice for domestic and overseas trips... Malaysia Airlines is always in my heart," he said.

Haziq says he confessed to being in gay sex video for fear he would ‘end up like Altantuya or Kevin Morais’: The Star

Haziq said he was "afraid" because Hilman showed he had relations with powerful people in law enforcement.