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The 5 smartest ways to connect multiple offices

With separate offices spread all over the country or globe, how can your business install a network so all the locations can work, communicate, and share information easily, instantaneously, and effectively?

Young Jeff Bezos once made his grandmother burst into tears — and it taught him an important lesson on how to treat people

When a 10-year-old Bezos said something that made his grandmother cry, his grandfather told him this: 'It's harder to be kind than clever.'
Nat Turner, left gives a presentation to his Flatiron Health team.

The CEO of a $2 billion startup says there’s a fundamental reason this company is the most successful one he’s built

Flatiron Health CEO Nat Turner said that when you have a mission you believe in, it attracts better talent, investment, and results.
Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky said that the company's credo remains "a huge source of inspiration and aspiration for the company."

All executives at Johnson & Johnson are annually measured against a 75-year-old essay

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky explains that a 75-year-old "credo" is not a marketing tool but a way of life at the company.
All organizations should be actively trying to limit bureaucracy, says Jamie Dimon, pictured.

Jamie Dimon says bureaucracy is ‘a disease’ — and JPMorgan takes 5 steps to combat it

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon outlines his company's top strategies for eliminating the reach of bureaucracy in his latest annual shareholder letter.
Unilever CEO Paul Polman has been one of the most vocal proponents of turning away from short-termism.

Unilever’s CEO says that in 9 years, no investor has asked him the questions he’s waiting to hear

Unilever CEO Paul Polman said shareholders would be wise to take topics like sustainability and diversity in companies seriously.
Workday CIO Diana McKenzie, center, spoke Wednesday at Okta's Business at Work conference.

Workday, the HR platform, is sending its employees weekly surveys to weed out bad managers and catch bad office behavior

BI PRIME: Workday CIO Diana McKenzie said that the company started the survey as a way keep company culture in check.
It's harsh but necessary.

A simple but ruthless exercise reveals who your star employees are — and who should be fired

Patty McCord, Netflix's former chief talent officer, says managers should build the best team possible — even if it means firing some staffers.
LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman chats with Kleiner Perkins partner William "Bing" Gordon. Hoffman is regarded as one of the most well-connected people in tech.

LinkedIn’s billionaire founder Reid Hoffman says helping run PayPal taught him an unexpected lesson about networking

LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman said not enough people are taking advantage of "networking intelligence."
Strong leadership is harder than it sounds.

A former Google and Apple exec says there are 4 ways to lead a team — and 3 are ineffective

Kim Scott, author of "Radical Candor," explains that being a good boss is about caring personally and challenging directly.