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The Trumponomics experiment is failing before our eyes

President Donald Trump took office promising to throw out the economic rule book, and that has turned out just about as badly as one might expect.

We just got the latest sign the US is losing manufacturing jobs — the opposite of what Trump’s trade wars were supposed to accomplish

While President Donald Trump pledged to revive factory jobs in the US, that pocket of the economy dipped deeper into a recession last month.

A flood of new data from the US and eurozone suggests recession risks are flashing red. Here’s a full rundown of the wreckage.

The latest economic warning signs arrived after the World Trade Organization allowed the US to levy $7.5 billion in tariffs on European imports.

Trump promised to revive US manufacturing. But the sector just plunged deeper into a recession.

Manufacturing plunged deeper into a recession in September, with a gauge of factory activity dropping to its lowest level since the financial crisis.

World stocks are plunging after US manufacturing hits a decade low

After US equities fell yesterday, President Trump blamed the manufacturing slowdown on the Federal Reserve allowing the dollar to strengthen.

US factory activity unexpectedly hits 10-year low as Trump’s trade war persists

Tariffs on thousands of products have raised costs, disrupted supply chains, and cast uncertainty on business plans.
Germany's manufacturing is at a 10-year low.

European manufacturing sector is spiraling downward. And there’s ‘worse to come.’

IHS Markit said it was "the steepest downturn for nearly seven years" and the data was "sending increasingly grim signals for the fourth quarter."

World stocks are rising on hopes for US-China trade talks in 2 weeks

Traders also cheered reports that China has granted waivers for tariff-free soy purchases to several companies.

The US just became the 5th major economy to see manufacturing slump — a sign of how hard Trump’s trade war is hitting global growth

The latest US data came two days after Trump's newest round of tariffs kicked in, and the trade war is showing no sign of abating.
Trump's tariffs are hurting 5 sectors of the economy.

Consumers, retailers, farmers, manufacturers, and tech firms are all getting clobbered by tariffs in Trump’s trade war

America's economy cooled more than expected last quarter — a sign of the toll the trade war is taking. Trump in a tweet blamed the companies themselves.