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Trump pledged to save US factories — but a key measure of manufacturing just contracted for the first time since 2009

Trump has long sworn he will revitalize the US manufacturing sector, but his escalating trade fights have presented challenges.

Fears of a German recession are rising after a key economic indicator recorded its second-lowest readout in 6 years

The German economy shrunk in the second quarter, and another decline this quarter would plunge it into recession.

German manufacturing is in ‘free fall,’ say factory executives

"An improvement in the situation is not to be expected," the Ifo Institute researchers said.

Goldman Sachs says we’re relying too much on manufacturing to measure the US economy

"We warn against putting excessive weight on ups and downs in manufacturing data," Goldman analysts say.
The maker of Crocs shoes are among those moving production elsewhere.

Crocs and GoPro are among firms ‘aggressively’ fleeing China to make their products elsewhere to avoid Trump’s tariffs

Imports from China fell by 12% in the year ending in May, the biggest decline since the financial crisis.
Workout clothes may contain PFAS, a chemical group linked to cancer.

7 toxic chemicals hiding in your waterproof, stain-resistant, and wrinkle-free clothes

Many clothing items, such as blue jeans, also carry a dye that can release cancer-causing chemicals.

Nintendo is moving production of its hit Nintendo Switch game console to Vietnam amid trade tensions between China and the US

Nintendo's hit game console, the Nintendo Switch, is produced in China. But now, Nintendo is moving at least part of its production to Vietnam.
Oregon and Louisiana are the most vulnerable to automation.

This map shows how vulnerable every state is to a robot takeover

It depends on manufacturing — and how many robots have already arrived.

Trump has long promised to boost US manufacturing — but his trade war just pushed a closely watched gauge to a more than 2-year low

As a candidate, Trump vowed to revitalize the American manufacturing industry through renegotiated trade agreements.

US manufacturers are flashing more warning signs all the time — and experts are getting increasingly worried about a possible recession

Manufacturing activity accounts for about 12% of gross domestic product but holds deep ties to other key sections of the economy.