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You can send your location on Snapchat through a chat.

How to send your location on Snapchat to your friends through the app’s Snap Map feature

You can send your location on Snapchat to a single friend or to several users in a group by locating the "Send My Location" feature.
Businesses have temporarily closed across the US as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The US states where the most jobs have been destroyed by the coronavirus crisis, in one map

Unemployment claims between March 15 and April 18, when many cities and states started social distancing, show a dire picture for the jobs market.

A new map reveals which parts of the US are most at risk of earthquakes in unprecedented detail — including quakes caused by people

The map shows seismic activity in greater detail than ever: "We see things we've never seen before."
Stores on 125th Street in Harlem are closed, as retail sales suffer record drop during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID19) in New York

This map shows which states have gotten the most money from the Federal government’s small business bailout — so far

The Small Business Administration released the total amount of loans made under the Paycheck Protection Program in each state.
Unified Geologic Map of the Moon with shaded topography from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA.

The most detailed map of the moon’s geology ever released may help astronauts explore the lunar surface

Researchers at the US Geological Survey combined six flat maps and data from two spacecraft to create a rich 3D depiction of the moon.
Johns Hopkins University maintains a coronavirus dashboard that's one of several safe options for keeping up with the spread of the virus.

Hackers are using these fake coronavirus maps to give people malware

Cybersecurity researchers have identified several fake COVID-19 tracker maps that infect people's computers with malware when opened.
A man wearing a mask walks by portraits of Chinese President Xi Jinping and late Chinese chairman Mao Zedong as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, on a street in Shanghai.

Every US state is intertwined with China — here’s the economic risk from the coronavirus outbreak for each

Trade in goods with China is a big part of many states' economies. China is the biggest import trade partner for 24 states and DC.
"Parasite" is about the tensions surrounding a lower-class family ingratiating their way into working personal service jobs for their wealthy patrons.

Oscar Best-Picture-winner ‘Parasite’ isn’t just a Korean story — taking care of rich people is America’s hottest gig, to...

"Wealth jobs" like personal trainers and manicurists stem, at least in part, from the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

This map shows the most commonly spoken language in every US state, excluding English and Spanish

According to Business Insider tabulations of individual-level census data, German, French, and Vietnamese are commonly spoken in several states.

Apple has finally finished rolling out changes to its redesigned Maps app across the US — here’s a look at what’s new

Apple revamped its Maps for all users in the US and is soon to take to Europe. Here's what you should be looking forward to.