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Trump reportedly installed a new $50,000 golf simulator in the White House to replace the one left by Obama

"When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing," Trump said.
Donald Trump.

Here’s how Trump’s biggest businesses fared in Year 1 of his presidency

President Donald Trump's first year in office proved to be a mixed bag for his business empire.
U.S. President Donald Trump (L) and China's President Xi Jinping walk along the front patio of the Mar-a-Lago estate after a bilateral meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., April 7, 2017.

Trump on China abolishing presidential term limits: ‘Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday’

Trump in a private speech on Saturday praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for recently consolidating power, saying, "Maybe we'll give that a shot someday."

Trump has now spent more than a 3rd of his presidency at his properties and a 4th at his golf clubs

President Donald Trump has spent a significant chunk of his first year in office at his properties or golf clubs.
Donald Trump.

Trump reportedly told friends at Mar-a-Lago ‘you all just got a lot richer’ hours after signing tax bill

Trump told supporters at a November rally that the bill would hurt him and other wealthier Americans.

Here are 15 of the most notable members of Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s ‘Winter White House’ that costs $200,000 to join

Wall Streeters, real estate moguls, and energy executives make up a big chunk of the club's nearly 500 members.

‘Spitting in the eye of transparency’: Trump administration releases visitor logs from Mar-a-Lago, but it’s only a list of 22 Japane...

The Trump administration released visitor logs from the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Friday after a lengthy court battle with an outside ethics organization.

The list of charities dropping Trump’s Mar-a-Lago for big fundraisers is growing

The Cleveland Clinic and the American Cancer Society are among the charities that have said they won't hold their 2018 galas at the Palm Beach, Florida, resort.

Trump hits back at claim that he called the White House ‘a real dump’

On Wednesday, he called the White House "one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen."

We’ll soon have records of who Trump has been meeting with at his Mar-a-Lago resort

We're about to see the records of who's attended President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort since he became president.