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Former Ford CEO Mark Fields will join private-equity group TPG Capital

Fields will focus on expanding the $73-billion firm's industrials practice.

The US auto industry is under assault from fake news

New businesses must be superior to the old, because they're new.

There’s a simple reason Ford’s CEO was pushed out — and it has nothing to do with self-driving cars

Ford is a family business, and the family needs the stock to perform well during market surges. That didn't happen under Fields, and so a change had to come.

Ford’s new CEO will have to tell Wall Street a different story

The Tesla story, the Uber story, the Apple car story, the Google Car story — these narratives don't yet have endings.

Ford is no longer just a car company

Talking about Ford in terms of "core" and "emerging" businesses is an idea that has passed.

Ford claims its new CEO has deep ties to Silicon Valley — but the company still has a big self-driving-car problem

Ford has named Jim Hackett as its new CEO. He replaced Mark Fields to help Ford compete when it comes to smart mobility, electric cars, and self-driving tech.

Morgan Stanley thinks things at Ford could get worse before they get better

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas thinks Ford's languishing stock price could get worse before it gets better.

Ford’s ousted CEO told us he was thinking long term — Wall Street couldn’t wait

The former Ford CEO said he was thinking about the future, and taking into account workers, suppliers, and the environment. Wall Street wanted to be a priority.

Ford won’t split into 2 companies to battle Tesla under the new CEO

The carmaker will remain unified as the "Blue Oval."