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Celebrated Wall Street stock picker Mark Mahaney offers his best tech investing advice: When a company name becomes a verb, it’s time to buy

Celebrated Wall Street stock picker Mark Mahaney says that he hasn't gotten every call right — but a big sign of stock market success is when companies like Google become verbs, instead of just nouns.
Anthony Noto

‘I don’t see how anyone could interpret this as a good thing’: The departure of Twitter’s No. 2 exec is going to hurt

BI PRIME: The man who intimately knew the inner workings of Twitter is off to greener pastures. That leaves a management hole and other questions.

TOP ANALYST: Snap’s user base will be ‘materially bigger’ if it does 2 things

Snap's stock price has been living under the shadow of its IPO for months but could break out soon.

TOP TECH ANALYST: Snap has already lost the social-media battle, but the war’s not over

Snap's stock price has taken a lot of hits since its IPO, but according to a top tech analyst, it has a chance to rebound.

A top Wall Street analyst slams Yahoo amid reports of Warren Buffett’s buyout interest

RBC Capital's Mark Mahaney isn't so sure why Warren Buffett might be interested in backing a bid for Yahoo.