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Trump’s pick for the country’s top military post could splinter his relationship with Mattis

President Donald Trump announced his nomination of General Mark Milley for the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Saturday.

11 books the US Army’s top officer recommends to help understand the world

The US Army's professional reading list is meant to help soldiers and civilians understand the service and the role of land power in conflict.
North Korean rocket artillery.

Mattis warned the military to ‘be ready’ for what Trump decides to do about North Korea

Mattis said the military has "got to be ready to ensure that we have military options" if Trump decides to get kinetic on North Korea.
A soldier taking part in a rifle-qualification exercise during the 2008 US Army Training and Doctrine Command NCO and Soldier of the Year Competition at Fort Eustis, Virginia.

General in charge of the Army’s gear says plans for a more powerful rifle aren’t done yet

Plans for a short-term replacement for the M4/M16 rifle were reportedly scrapped in September, but one senior official says its still being discussed.

The US military is struggling to keep up with all its responsibilities

Years of operations, coupled with budgetary pressures, have left the armed forces struggling to keep with training at home and mission requirements abroad.