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Trump vloggers Diamond & Silk are sticking to their debunked claim about Facebook censorship

The pro-Trump duo have repeatedly claimed that Facebook never reached out to them, despite emails proving otherwise.
A young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The idea that most successful startup founders are in their twenties is a myth — the average entrepreneur is much older

Startup founders are more likely to be in their forties than their twenties, a new study by MIT reveals.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook just published a message for its users: No, you’re not the product

Facebook says its product is social media, but social media is a collection of user content. So what is the product?

A prominent tech investor says arrogance in Silicon Valley has reached a fever pitch and he’s constantly embarrassed by what people say

"Increasingly, it feels like people in our industry, the tech industry, are losing touch with reality," M.G. Siegler wrote in a blog post earlier this week.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The median pay at Facebook is more than $240,000 a year

Facebook has an CEO-to-median-employee pay ratio of 37:1, it has revealed.
Mark Zuckerberg looks glum during Congress grilling.

Trust in Facebook has spectacularly nosedived after its enormous data breach

Facebook has lost the trust of many of its users following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to a Ponemon Institute study.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, was among those asking pointed questions of Zuckerberg last week about the company's privacy policies.

Facebook is probably tracking you whether you use it or not — and it doesn’t really give you a choice

Facebook tracks both non-users and logged-out users when they visit other sites. Non-users can't opt out, but Facebook says it won't target ads at them.
Mark Zuckerberg has total control of the Facebook wheel.

Facebook investors want to seize a golden opportunity to force out Mark Zuckerberg as chairman

Facebook investors are now lining up to call for Mark Zuckerberg to relinquish his dual role as chairman and CEO.

Senators double down after getting ‘lit up’ for their apparent tech illiteracy and say they don’t need to be experts to regulate Fac...

"I got lit up because people think I don’t know what WhatsApp is," Schatz told Business Insider. "I do know what WhatsApp is."

Mark Zuckerberg may have missed a key opportunity to gain sympathy during his testimony to Congress

Mark Zuckerberg didn't show any sadness during his testimony to Congress, according to a body language expert. But that's the best way to earn forgiveness.