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Walmart and Kroger have a combined 30% share of the US grocery market.

The grocery wars are intensifying with Walmart and Kroger in the lead and Amazon poised to ’cause disruption’

Walmart and Kroger remain the top grocery leaders in the US with roughly 30% of combined market share, according to a new UBS report.

Facebook accounts for 20% of the global online ad market

Facebook made nearly $40 billion in advertising revenue in 2017.

The absolute dominance of Google Chrome, in one chart

Regardless of what kind of device you use, chances are that Google is the window through which you see the web.

Roku is leading Amazon, Google, and Apple in the media streamer race

If Roku does iPO later this year, expect it to tout this along the way.

China’s smartphone market is dominated by companies you’ve probably never heard of

Smartphone makers like Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo are outpacing Apple and Samsung.

Here are the companies that sell the most PCs worldwide

HP is back on top, but the more notable story is how big of a role Google's Chromebooks are playing.

Android and Windows sell way more devices than Apple, but that’s not as important as it sounds

Market share is a fun stat, but not as meaningful as it seems for a company like Apple.

The Galaxy S8 arrives as Samsung’s hold on the smartphone market is slipping

Samsung has a good amount riding on the Galaxy S8.

Fitbit is still the leader in wearables, but it’s losing its grip

Fitbit is still the name to beat in wearables, but Xiaomi and Apple are gaining.

BlackBerry’s fall from grace, in one chart

It's been a long fall for BlackBerry, but now it might finally be over.