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Apple is quietly discounting the HomePod — but there’s a catch if you want the deal

Apple has sent individual promo codes to Apple Music subscribers in the UK offering 15% off of a HomePod.
Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad.

Scott Galloway explains why ‘woke as a business strategy’ is on the rise

NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway says that ads like Nike's Colin Kaepernick campaign are common because of fundamental demographic changes.

Former NMP Eunice Olsen makes police report over ‘sexist, derogatory’ Circles.Life ad

The ad owned by Circles.Life showed a public invite by an Instagram user asking Olsen: "Would you rather French Kiss or take me out for the French Film Festival?"

Singapore’s top in-demand jobs for 2019 are analytical and data-driven in nature: Robert Walters

If you're a techie in Southeast Asia looking for a job, you're in luck.
An image from Juul's 2015 New York City launch party collected by the Stanford researchers.

See how Juul turned teens into influencers and threw buzzy parties to fuel its rise as Silicon Valley’s favorite e-cig company

Stanford researchers assembling a trove of images, videos, and social-media posts that Juul Labs used to market its sleek devices say it clearly targeted teens.
Beth Comstock is the author of memoir and career guide "Imagine It Forward."

A former GE and NBC exec who never got her MBA spent the first 90 days as an exec reading textbooks and embracing what she didn’t know

Beth Comstock picked up textbooks and hired people with the expertise she needed to teach her marketing. She valued feedback and asked for help.

$15 billion startup Juul used ‘relaxation, freedom, and sex appeal’ to market its creme-brulee-flavored e-cigs on Twitter and Instagram &#...

Juul was among the earliest e-cigarette brands to promote heavily on social media, researchers found. More important, that marketing was a success.

23andMe opened a fake house in NYC where you can meet your genes — take a look inside

In October, 23andMe opened up an interactive pop-up exhibition the middle of Manhattan to help consumers visualize what their tests can do and better understand the data they might receive if they choose to take the test.  Here's what it was like.

Apple doesn’t seem to mind using this leaked photo of the iPhone XS in its official marketing

Apple doesn't like leaks, or leakers. But the photo of the iPhone XS and XS Max that was leaked by Apple blog 9to5Mac continues to be a major centerpiece of Apple's marketing materials.