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US cuts oil production forecast through 2021 — padding the crushed market before a critical OPEC meeting

President Trump recently threatened to impose "very substantial tariffs" on Russia and Saudi Arabia if the nations don't cool their oil-price war.
Steve Schwarzman, billionaire founder and Blackstone CEO, expects the coronavirus pandemic to cause a $5 trillion wipeout of US GDP.

Billionaire Blackstone boss Steve Schwarzman expects coronavirus to wipe out $5 trillion of US GDP

The private equity chief said the pandemic is "putting stress on everything."

‘The shut down is not good for anyone’: Famed ‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry unloads on coronavirus lockdowns, says the re...

Burry told Bloomberg the quarantines are "man-made" and disproportionately target women, children, underprivileged groups, and people addicted to drugs.
A worker sanitizes the Piazza dei Miracoli near to the Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy, on March 17 2020.

Here are the lessons the West should learn from China’s COVID-19 exit strategy to avoid disaster

China and other Asian countries' success in dealing with COVID-19 can offer lessons to the West, JPMorgan said in a note on Tuesday.

Billionaire Bill Ackman plowed more than $200 million into Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway after the coronavirus sell-off

"Berkshire Hathaway was built by Warren Buffett to withstand a global economic shock like this one."

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’: Stocks surge as fewer new coronavirus cases signal lockdowns are working

"This does not mean that the confinement measures will be withdrawn soon, but it allows investors to see the light at the end of the tunnel."
Japan is set to announce a $1 trillion stimulus and declare a state of emergency.

Japan declares state of emergency, plans $1 trillion stimulus to combat coronavirus downturn

The world's third-largest economy will deploy the funds to provide security and protect jobs for its people.

‘The 3M saga ends very happily’: Trump strikes deal with 3M to import 55 million N95 masks per month

The imported masks will supplement 3M's domestic production of 35 million masks per month.

The market’s biggest stock-pickers quietly had their best quarter since the financial crisis as coronavirus caused historic turmoil

Indiscriminate selling through the three-month period created an "abundant alpha opportunity" for active stock pickers, Bank of America said.

The stock market’s biggest source of buying power is quickly fading and won’t come back for years, new report says

Debate around whether buybacks are "socially unacceptable" could place a permanent drag on stock repurchases, Sanford Bernstein analysts wrote.