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Intel’s chip problems will allow AMD to steal market share, Jefferies says

The shortage in Intel's chip supply is likely to boost AMD's market share in the high-end commercial desktop and server market, Jefferies says.
A satirical front page produced for The Boston Globe's anti-Trump editorial.

A mock front page the Boston Globe published in 2016 that warned against a Trump presidency turned out to be eerily prophetic

The fake Boston Globe front page from April 10, 2016 reads "deportations to begin," and says "markets sink as trade war looms," all of which is happening today.

Nintendo’s Switch boosted not only the company, but the entire video game industry

Overall game console sales were up big last year, thanks in large part to the Nintendo Switch, the fastest-selling console in history.

PIMCO: This is as good as it gets for the global economy, and it’s time to get cautious

The $1.6 trillion asset manager sees the risk that investors become complacent.

Jefferies just hired a former Goldman Sachs partner for a big derivatives role

Jefferies has hired Peter Seccia, a former Goldman Sachs partner, as global head of equity derivatives, according to people familiar with the matter.