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Brian Huseman, Amazon VP of public policy.

Amazon’s public policy exec got booed in a meeting with New York council members when he evaded a question about the company’s business wi...

Amazon has faced sharp criticism from the public — and employees as well — for selling its facial recognition software to law enforcement,
Apple seems to be having particular trouble selling its new iPhone XR devices.

Hey Tim Cook, there’s a simple solution to your iPhone sales problem

An open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook with some simple advice he won't like about an easy way to solve the iPhone sales slowdown problem.
Just Capital CEO Martin Whittaker presents on stage at IGNITION 2018.

Here’s what Just Capital’s CEO presented at IGNITION 2018 about investing in companies ‘for good’

"We think there's a movement happening here," Just Capital's Martin Whittaker said at IGNITION 2018.

The business school prof who predicted Amazon would buy Whole Foods now says an AWS spinoff is inevitable — and the standalone company could be ...

The New York University business professor also correctly predicted the cities Amazon would choose for its second headquarters.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ought to be fired by his board, marketing professor Scott Galloway said Monday.

Facebook’s board needs to get a spine and fire Mark Zuckerberg, marketing guru Scott Galloway said

Directors ought to fire Sheryl Sandberg too, while they're at it, Galloway said.

Apple told investors not to worry about iPhone sales — but now it seems worried about them

Apple said it's no longer all that important how many iPhones it sells. But now it wants you to know that sales are just fine.
Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff

Salesforce jumps 5% after delivering ‘beat and raise’ despite rocky few months on the market

Salesforce reported revenue of $3.39 billion, up 26% from the year before and EPS $0.61 in Q3 2019.
Apple CEO Tim Cook with Donald Trump.

Trump just threatened to place tariffs on the iPhone and Apple stock is getting crushed

President Donald Trump has threatened to put a 10% tariff on the iPhone and other consumer electronics, and markets have reacted sharply.
Facebook's stock fluctuations on October 30, 2018, as it announced its Q3 2018 financial results.

Facebook’s US users stalled — but didn’t fall — in a scandal-filled Q3 and investors are breathing a sigh of relief

It's been a rough few months for Facebook, and Wall Street is watching closely as it reports its Q3 earnings.
Snap CEO Evan Spiegel named a new chief business officer for his company recently before changing his mind and giving the job to someone else, according to a new report.

Evan Spiegel named a new chief business officer for Snap before giving the job to someone else two days later

Spiegel told Kristen O'Hara and her staff that he was promoting her before withdrawing the offer and hiring Amazon executive Jeremi Gorman instead.