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Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky's first date turned into a double date with her parents.

Inside the relationship of former ‘bad boy’ pro golfer Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky, who used to eat breakfast and dinner with her h...

Dustin Johnson, a professional golfer with the PGA, and Paulina Gretzky's relationship kicked off when her famous dad Wayne Gretzky introduced them.

I asked two relationship experts how to keep young kids from eroding your marriage

Marriage is hard — but it typically gets even harder after you have kids. Marriage therapists Hal Runkel and Rachel Sussman shared their best strategies for new parents to stay close with their spouse.
How do you split chores?

8 signs you’re in a strong relationship — even if it doesn’t feel like it

Signs your relationship is on solid footing include the fact that you and your partner split chores evenly and that you have a similar sense of humor.
Try working on your own life first.

I asked 3 sex and relationship therapists how to spice up a boring marriage — in and out of the bedroom

A relationship won't always be passionate and spontaneous, therapists say. If you're worried about boredom in your marriage, first accept that it's normal. Then get to work planning something that feels illicit.
Jason B. Rosenthal's wife Amy died of ovarian cancer in March 2017.

The man whose terminally ill wife wrote the heartbreaking letter ‘You may want to marry my husband’ reveals how a year of grief changed hi...

Jason Rosenthal's wife made sure he knew it was alright to feel joy after she died. In fact, she told the world that she wanted him to find new love. A year after hear death, Rosenthal reveals what the journey's been like.
Are both men and women uncomfortable with the idea of women breadwinners?

Looks like married couples are lying to the US Census about who earns more money

Women breadwinners appear to make both men and women uncomfortable, writes Claire Cain Miller in the New York Times, citing findings from the Census Bureau. In heterosexual married couples, a new paper finds, husbands and wives are lying about who earns more when the woman is the breadwinner.

Inside billionaire Warren Buffett’s unconventional marriage, which included an open arrangement and 3-way Christmas cards

Warren Buffett has had an unconventional relationship over the course of his life. While the Oracle of Omaha remained married to his first wife, Susan, until her death, he lived with his longtime companion Astrid Menks.

The relationship expert at one of the most popular affair websites says there are 2 distinct types of cheating among modern couples

Ashley Madison's resident relationship expert, sex therapist Tammy Nelson, says there are two types of cheating she sees: people who want to leave their relationship and don't know how and people who have no desire to leave their relationship at all.
It can be "just as hot" as a real affair.

A sex therapist’s best advice for making a marriage more passionate is decidedly unsexy

Ashley Madison's relationship expert, sex therapist Tammy Nelson, says having an "affair" with your spouse is about putting some effort into maintaining the passion in your marriage instead of looking for it elsewhere.

I earn more money than my partner — here’s how it affects our relationship

Money is one of the biggest sources of tension between couples, according to research. Differences in earning can cause tension with your partner. I earn significantly more money than my partner, and here’s how it affects our relationship.