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Pfizer's chief digital officer Lidia Fonseca and Novartis's chief digital officer Bertrand Bodson.

Dispensed: Hospital CIOs dish on the cloud, digital chiefs talk tech in healthcare, and how our editor picked his health plan

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Mayo Clinic researchers found that facial recognition software could accurately match patients to their scans.

Facial-recognition software is now so advanced that it can identify you only from an MRI scan of your brain, a new study reveals

The software was able to correctly identify patients more than 80% of the time, which current privacy laws do not account for.

Singapore is banning food made with partially hydrogenated oil – here’s what trans fat really does to your body

There are absolutely no known medical benefits. Instead, they are known to kill.

I always get 8 hours of sleep a night — here’s how I manage it even when life is hectic

Sleep allows our bodies to reset for optimal psychological and physiological functioning. Despite author Jennifer Still’s busy schedule, she still makes sure to get at least eight hours of sleep each night — here’s how.

If you’re addicted to diagnosing your health problems online, you might be suffering from cyberchondria

Cyberchondria is the internet-induced malady that might be making you anxious about your health.

Doctors have finally found a more accurate way than BMI to determine whether your weight is healthy

The body mass index, invented in the 1830s, is not actually a good way to determine whether you're at a healthy weight. Now there's a better system.

2 tragedies intersected to give this man a face transplant — and the story that unfolded is powerful

The Mayo Clinic performed its first face transplant, a procedure that's still rare in the US.