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Rob Lowe's Gold Card

A random person has the chance to win a McDonald’s Gold Card and a lifetime of free fast food. Here’s the real story behind the mythic car...

McDonald's is giving away a "McGold Card," granting free fast food for the rest of the holder's life. Mitt Romney, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates are all among the ranks of people with cards that allow them to get a lifetime of free McDonald's.
McDonald's new flagship restaurant.

McDonald’s just opened a new restaurant that looks like an Apple Store — and it reveals a blueprint for the future of the fast-food giant

McDonald's opened a new flagship store in Chicago that looks more like an Apple Store than a fast-food restaurant. It features table service, ordering kiosks, and more than 70 trees inside the building.
McDonald's is giving away free fast food for life.

McDonald’s is giving away a chance to join the ranks of people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and get free fast food for life. Here’s ...

McDonald's is offering a lifetime of free fast food with the McGold Card Sweepstakes. Anyone who orders using the chain's mobile app from August 10 to 24 is automatically entered to win.
A pedestrian walks by a McDonald's restaurant on April 22, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

A parasitic illness linked to McDonald’s salads has now sickened 436 people and put 20 in hospital

The cyclospora parasite that hit McDonald's in July has now sickened at least 436 people, with 20 now in hospital. McDonald's fired its salad supplier, Fresh Express, from 3,000 stores in late July.
Fresh Express salads on sale.

The company behind the McDonald’s parasite outbreak that sickened 395 people still can’t explain what happened

Fresh Express, the salad supplier which gave tainted lettuce to McDonald's stores in the US and ended up sickening almost 400 people, still can't figure out where the outbreak of cyclospora began.
McDonald's salads are causing major problems.

A woman is suing McDonald’s salad supplier after becoming so severely ill she was ‘forced to wear Depends diapers’ in parasitic illn...

A woman is suing McDonald's salad supplier after becoming so severely ill she was "forced to wear Depends diapers," according to a complaint filed on Monday. The parasitic illness linked to McDonald's salads has now sickened at least 395 people in 15 states.
Some orders are pretty out there.

McDonald’s drive-thrus are ‘not suitable for horses’ — and 11 other insider facts about McDonald’s that employees know a...

McDonald's employees have some seriously fascinating insight into the fast-food giant. From strange orders to the chain of command, here's a look at insider facts gleaned from McDonald's employees.
A McDonald's 24 hour drive-thru.

McDonald’s refused to serve a woman because she went to its drive-thru on horseback

A British woman rode 3 1/2 miles to her local McDonald's on her horse, only to be turned away. McDonald's drive-thru policy allows only motor vehicles. The woman said: "Once you get your mind sorted on a Big Mac, you have to have one."
What's a McDonald's order that you steer clear of?

McDonald’s employees share the 11 menu items they’d never eat

The McDonald's menu has a ton of options for customers. But tastes vary, and most options aren't for everyone. Business Insider contacted McDonald's crew members to find out about their least favorite orders.
Salads sold at McDonald's and wraps containing contaminated lettuce infected at least 286 people with cyclosporiasis.

A foodborne illness has sickened at least 395 people who ate at McDonald’s, and forced recalls from Trader Joe’s and Walgreens —...

The single-celled parasite that sickened customers at McDonald's, Trader Joe's, and Walgreens is called Cyclospora cayetanensis. It causes an illness known as cyclosporiasis, which can leave sufferers with diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, weight loss, gas, and cramping.