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Here’s how much CEOs at Amazon, McDonald’s, and 13 other lucrative brands earn compared to the typical worker

The CEO of McDonald's earned 3,101 times the typical worker. Here's a look at CEO vs. median employee salary at 15 major companies.
McDonald's cheesy bacon fries are already for sale in Hawaii.

Leaked photos reveal that McDonald’s is rolling out its new cheesy bacon fries across the US

McDonald's is rolling out cheesy bacon fries across the US early next year, an employee told Business Insider.
Burger King's new deal is very similar to one launched by McDonald's last month.

Burger King doubles down on its McDonald’s rivalry with a new deal to win over budget shoppers

Burger King has a new deal that is eerily similar to an offering that McDonald's launched last month.
Burger King has a new McDonald's-themed Whopper deal.

Burger King is giving away Whoppers for 1 cent — but you have to go to McDonald’s to get them

Burger King is telling customers to go to McDonald's as part of a new deal.
McDonald's has brought back its festive holiday pies for limited release across the country.

McDonald’s just brought back its beloved holiday pies for a limited time, and they’re covered in a sugar glaze and rainbow sprinkles

McDonald's enthusiasts are excited about the vanilla custard-filled pie's comeback.

Fast-food companies like McDonald’s struggling to find workers should take a page from the playbook of places like Disney and Target

The best way to get more employees in fast-food industry is to raise wages and allow workers to organize, writes Wall Street veteran Morris Pearl.
McDonald's Maltesers Reindeer McFlurry.

McDonald’s in the UK just launched a new McFlurry with reindeer-shaped Maltesers

The festive treat features McDonald's classic soft-serve ice cream topped with mini Malteser reindeer and a swirl of chocolate sauce.
McDonald's is facing backlash after a viral video shows an employee forcing teens out of a store, despite protests that there is a man carrying a gun outside.

‘I don’t give a f—, get out of my store’: McDonald’s faces backlash after a viral video shows worker forcing teens out o...

McDonald's is facing backlash as a video appears to show an employee forcing teens out of a store, despite protests that there's a man with a gun outside.
Wendy Clark, DDB's global president and CEO.

Hear from Coca-Cola marketing veteran and DDB’s first female global CEO, Wendy Clark, at IGNITION

Wendy Clark will share her unique point of view of where the tumultuous ad industry is heading — and explore the agency of the future at IGNITION.