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Pennsylvania sisters recently surprised their mother with a cake reading "Thx 4 vaccinating us, Mom."

A teen and her sister got their mom a ‘Thx 4 vaccinating us’ cake, and the video she posted about it went viral

Alyssa Jackson and her sister thanked their mom with an ice cream cake. The viral Tik Tok video comes amid a national conversation on vaccines.
A nurse administers a flu vaccine in New York City.

America’s doctors warn Google, Twitter, and Facebook: Anti-vaxxers are weaponizing tech platforms, prompting outbreaks that can ‘debilitat...

US doctors are coming out in force, warning the world's biggest tech companies that fake news anti-vaxxers spread can be deadly.
An abandoned measles ward on Ellis Island.

The dangerous measles outbreak near Portland, Oregon, is what happens when people refuse to vaccinate their kids

American scientists developed the first measles vaccine in 1963. The US had all but taken care of the deadly problem by 2000, but it's back.
A nurse administers a mumps, measles, and rubella vaccination shot

As more parents join the anti-vax movement, states are scrambling to make it harder to opt out of vaccinating your child

Recent measles outbreaks have reinvigorated the debate over whether parents should — or should not — be able to opt out of vaccinating their children.
A rash caused by the measles virus.

Officials warn of measles exposure after a contagious person went through a busy Chicago airport

A person with measles flew into Chicago Midway International Airport in February. Officials have warned that people who are unvaccinated are at risk.
Darla Shine and Bill Shine (R) attends The Hollywood Reporter's 35 Most Powerful People In Media 2017 at The Pool on April 13, 2017.

The wife of a top Trump aide is pushing anti-vaxx beliefs by saying “Bring back our #Childhood diseases” on Twitter

Darla Shine, the wife of top Trump aide Bill Shine, voiced anti-vaccination beliefs on Twitter Wednesday morning.
An illustration of Christopher Columbus arriving in North America in 1492.

European colonizers killed so many indigenous Americans that the planet cooled down, a new study reveals

The diseases brought to North America by Columbus and other colonizers killed 90% of indigenous populations, sparking a global cooling.
A child cries as a health officer injects her with measles vaccine at a health center in the Philippines.

From autism risks to mercury poisoning, here are 10 lies anti-vaxxers are spreading about the measles vaccine in the Pacific Northwest

Dozens of children are sick with the measles in the Pacific Northwest. It's looking increasingly likely that nearly all of them are unvaccinated.
A child is vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella.

4 diseases that have been eliminated in the United States in the last 100 years

Some diseases (including measles and polio) have been eliminated in the United States. Here's a look at how they were wiped out.
Gaps in vaccine coverage have led to a spike in global measles cases, a new report says.

Measles cases surged 30% last year due to ‘gaps’ in vaccine coverage, and experts say it’s ‘deeply concerning’

The number of measles cases increased 30% across the world last year because of "gaps" in vaccination, according to a new report.