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GateHouse media is making cuts across newsrooms for the second time in 2019.

Local newspaper giant GateHouse Media is laying off journalists across the US in cuts their CEO is calling ‘immaterial’

Local newspaper giant GateHouse media is conducting another round of layoffs. In an interview, the company's CEO called them "not material."

More than 2,700 people lost their jobs in a media landslide so far this year

The media industry has been rocked by layoffs that claimed over 2,700 jobs since the beginning of January.

Here’s why Liberty Media’s CEO called Sinclair’s sports deal with Disney a ‘perversion’

Liberty Media CEO Gregory Maffei called Sinclair's purchase of Fox sports networks from Disney a "perversion of public policy."
Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

These 4 Democratic 2020 contenders are getting tons more free publicity than their competitors

Former VP Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Kamala Harris are leading the pack in cable and digital news coverage.
Jacob Wohl is a prolific tweeter allegedly embroiled in a plot to take down Robert Mueller with false sexual assault accusations.

21-year-old conservative activist Jacob Wohl allegedly tried to smear Pete Buttigieg with false sexual assault claims — here’s everything ...

Jacob Wohl is famous for securities fraud and supporting President Donald Trump. He recently made waves for trying to take down Robert Mueller.
Craig Newmark.

The founder of Craigslist and other donors will ‘reassess’ their support for the Markup following the controversial firing of its editor-i...

Craig Newmark Philanthropies donated $20 million to the Markup last year, but his latest tweet puts its support in question.
The Markup's former editor-in-chief Julia Angwin, left, its executive director Sue Gardner, and its new editor-in-chief Jeff Larson.

A yet-to-launch tech news site backed by Craigslist’s founder is facing a staff exodus after its renowned editor-in-chief was forced out

The Markup was supposed to launch in July as a publication dedicated to investigating tech companies. Now most of its editorial team has quit.
Islamophobic activist Katie Hopkins.

A local TV station is receiving backlash for uncritically covering two anti-Muslim pundits

A local TV news station is being criticized for a segment uncritically covering a speaking event with two famous anti-Muslim activists.

INTRODUCING: The 100 people transforming business

Welcome to Business Insider's inaugural list of the 100 people transforming the world of business.