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A British doctor was treated in an American emergency room and said it revealed how broken US healthcare really is

Adam Kay, the former British doctor who wrote "This Is Going to Hurt," says the UK's National Health Service actually works.
The author is not pictured.

I developed a 5-step strategy to cut my healthcare costs after getting slammed with surprise medical bills

The first year with a high-deductible health insurance plan may feel overwhelming, but there are plenty of ways to slash expenses.

Audio reveals that jail staff debated who would pay medical bill of an inmate in an emergency situation. The inmate later died at the hospital.

Inmate Tracie Weaver needed emergency medical care after she had been vomiting for hours and had dangerously high blood pressure, ProPublica reported.

MOH publishes fee benchmarks for private surgeon charges to rein in rising healthcare costs

The average total in-patient bill in the private sector has increased by 9 per cent each year over the last 10 years.

A Nobel Prize winner sold his medal for $765,000 to pay medical bills

In 1988, Leon Lederman won a Nobel Prize for his work in physics. The University of Chicago professor auctioned off his medal in 2015 for $765,000 to help cover medical bills. He died on Wednesday at 96.

DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Fitbit data could predict readmission rates — Humana’s new digital medication management tool — Interoperab...

Fitbit usage can help researchers and doctors predict the risk of 30- and 60-day readmission after surgery for cancer patients, a new study finds.

There’s a $10 billion provision in the tax plan that just passed the House — and it’s really bugging the AARP

The House GOP tax bill repeals the medical expense deduction, resulting in a health tax for taxpayers who get sick or have chronic conditions, the AARP said.

Fewer Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills

The percentage of Americans that said they or their family have struggled with medical bills in the last 12 months fell to 16.2% in the first half of 2016.