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It takes more than exercise to be healthy.

I asked experts how to be healthier — here are the 8 best tips they gave me

It takes more than just diet and exercise to be healthy.

A 48-year-old CEO set out to run 100 marathons in 100 days. Here’s how she kept herself sane and healthy.

Mina Guli embarked on an intense running mission to raise awareness of the global water crisis.

Melinda Gates has some great advice on how working parents can reduce stress

Melinda Gates' favorite piece of personal tech is a meditation app called Headspace, and she's got a trick with when to use it.

Calm, the 7-year-old meditation app, says it’s now valued at $1 billion

Popular meditation app Calm raised $88 million in funding making it tech's first relaxation centric unicorn startup with a $1 billion valuation.

A spa-like yoga studio that C-suite execs love just opened a massive outlet at Raffles Place – here’s what it’s like inside

The new outlet is designed to be a "sanctuary" amid the CBD, where busy execs can "tune out the demands of their stressful world" through yoga and meditation.
Having a set morning routine can set you up for success.

I’m a neurosurgeon, and the best morning routine I’ve found consists of just 3 simple steps

As a neurosurgeon, coach, author, speaker, and dad, my morning routine is the secret to my success. Here are three simple steps to creating yours.

This meditation device changed my life by calming my anxiety and helping me sleep great — even when I travel

This device taught me how to go from anxious to settled, still, calm, focused, relaxed and then to sleepy — often in less than 10 minutes.
The Muse 2 headband.

I tried meditating with a $249 headband that gives real-time feedback on your brain activity. Here’s what I thought.

I tried meditating with the Muse brain-sensing headband, a device that pairs with an app for a structured, less intimidating meditation experience.

The CEO of Cedele avoids bee hoon for breakfast at all costs – here’s what else she does to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Cedele's founder says that to stay healthy, the total amount of food a person should eat per meal must not exceed the size of both palms placed together.