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Cooking with olive oil instead of butter or margarine is good for your heart, research finds

A new study has found replacing butter or margarine with olive oil improves heart health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by 5%.

A Mediterranean keto diet may help treat PCOS, the most common cause of infertility in women

A small new study found that women with polycystic ovary syndrome improved their hormone and insulin levels after a 12-week Mediterranean keto diet.
Greek salad is the perfect desk lunch. I should know, I eat it every day.

The perfect desk salad takes 5 minutes to make, costs less than $5, and has no lettuce. I should know — I eat it every day.

Leave the soggy leaves and mushy cheese of your sad desk salad behind. This will transport you to a seaside Greek taverna with every bite.

The Mediterranean diet could help you age better by improving gut bacteria, lowering inflammation, and boosting brain function

New research done by a team of European researchers shows the way the Mediterranean diet affects gut bacteria could do wonders for us as we age.
When people ate olive oil regularly and also had a balanced diet and exercise regime, they were more likely to live longer and have a decreased risk of disease.

There’s evidence that consuming olive oil after exercise could trigger changes linked to longevity

The ingredient, a staple of the Mediterranean diet, contains healthy fats thought to activate cells to slow down aging and lower disease risk.
It was a lot of veggies — and some wine too.

I followed the Mediterranean diet for a week, and I get why it’s so popular

Although I was able to drink wine and eat most of the foods I love, it was really tough for me to know what foods I should truly be avoiding.
You don't have to spend a ton of time or money to follow the Mediterranean diet.

14 ways to save time and money on the Mediterranean diet, according to nutritionists

The diet is easy to follow and has plenty of proven health benefits. Here, experts share their top grocery shopping and meal-planning tips.

The biggest differences between the keto diet and the Mediterranean diet

Although they're both popular, they're very different in terms of sustainability, foods you can eat, and goals.
The Mediterranean diet is popular for its health benefits as well as its rich flavors, including olive oil and red wine.

There’s a Mediterranean version of the keto diet that restricts red meat and trades butter for olive oil

A low-carb, high-fat diet of fish, olive oil, and leafy greens is a healthier version of the stereotypical keto diet packed with bacon and butter.