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Whether you want to wear a full face of makeup or just focus on skin-care, there are lots of ways to feel confident on camera.

Beauty tricks that will make you feel your best during virtual meetings, even if you don’t want to wear a ton of makeup

Carl Ray, a celebrity makeup artist who's worked with Michelle Obama, shared his tips for looking great on camera with Insider.
You can lead a team, even if you're working remotely.

If you’re working from home, here’s exactly how to collaborate across teams and improve your remote meetings

Experts say that those working remotely still have opportunities to be productive and collaborative by using tools and smart strategies.
Ineffective meetings can waste time and money.

How to keep important meetings focused for people who hate meetings, according to executives who have done it

The traditional way of doing meetings doesn't work when employees are going remote, said Spencer Waldron, director at presentation platform Prezi.
Jocko Willink is the cofounder of Echelon Front and the author of several best-selling books, including the most recent one, "Leadership Strategy and Tactics."

A retired Navy SEAL commander explains how the tactics he used to collaborate with the Army and Marines can work just as well in the office conference...

Jocko Willink said that effective collaboration comes from strong working relationships, and that those are built on humility.
Hugo cofounders Josh Lowy (right) and Darren Chait (left) stick to a strict 10% rule when it comes to company meetings.

Here are 5 hacks for shaving down your company’s meeting time, from a startup that whittled theirs down to just 4 hours a week

Hugo, a meeting notes software startup based in San Francisco, has a "4-hour meeting week" rule, and its leaders suggest other companies do the same.

11 tricks Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and other famous execs use to run meetings

Executives like Bezos, Musk, and Jobs developed tricks to combat bad meetings. Steve Jobs liked to have meetings with the fewest people possible.
Don't waste time.

A professor who’s spent years studying effective management says some of the best meetings involve almost no talking

To come up with a more creative idea, minimize talking in meetings at work. That way, everyone can share their thoughts without fear of looking silly.
A full 11 million meetings happen in America every day.

$37 billion are lost every year on these 12 meeting mistakes

A full 11 million meetings happen in America every day, yet a third of them are productive. Here are a few reasons why.

T. Boone Pickens asks the same question at the start of his meetings to make sure every single person comes prepared

Management advice from long-time executive T. Boone Pickens will help leaders ensure that people come prepared for meetings.
At their worst, office meetings can bring productivity to a screeching halt.

I used a free online tool to calculate exactly how much of my life I spend in meetings, and I was pleasantly surprised

Meetings can stall productivity, and companies are always looking to make them more productive. I figured out how much time I really spend meeting.