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Retiring HPE CEO Meg Whitman has a new goal: Partial owner of a Major League Soccer team

The tech mogul joined a bid to bring Major League Soccer to Sacramento, just months before her planned retirement from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

MEMO: Meg Whitman tells employees that news of her departure should have come ‘as no surprise’

In an email to the troops obtained by Business Insider, Whitman says she's been giving signs of her succession plans for a while.

Meg Whitman, one of Silicon Valley’s best-known execs, is stepping down from the CEO job at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Several months after reports surfaced that she was interviewing for the top job at Uber, Meg Whitman announced she would step down as HPE's chief in February.
HPE CEO Meg Whitman is reportedly slashing jobs again.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is reportedly cutting 5,000 workers

The Meg Whitman-led company will lay off about 5,000 workers according to a new report.

Sheryl Sandberg says HP CEO Meg Whitman taught her a hiring lesson she never forgot

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg learned how to hire to scale from former eBay and current HP CEO Meg Whitman.

Two Uber investors are demanding documents that they think prove that Benchmark Capital was out to sabotage Travis Kalanick

Shervin Pishevar and Stephen Russell are invoking Rule 220 to gain access to Uber's books and records

Meg Whitman is at the center of Uber’s boardroom battle

Whitman was on the short list for the CEO job and is still the top choice of one faction of Uber's warring board members, a letter from an investor reveals.

Meg Whitman is stepping down from HP’s board

Whitman will remain the CEO of HPE, which split off from HP Inc. in 2015.