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Melania Trump says her biggest struggle at the White House is dealing with ‘opportunists’ who use her ‘family’s name’

Melania Trump said she isn't afraid to tell her husband her opinions. In November, she ousted a top White House security advisor she clashed with.

27 photos show the White House all decked out for Christmas

First lady Melania Trump unveiled the White House's decorations for Christmas 2018. They include 40 red trees and thousands of ornaments.

16 behind-the-scenes photos show the White House being decorated for Christmas

After months of planning, thousands of volunteers and staff transform the White House for Christmas in a matter of days.
Donald and Melania Trump met in 1998.

Donald and Melania Trump have been on and off for 20 years — here’s a timeline of their relationship

President Trump and his third wife, first lady Melania Trump, first met at a party in 1998. Here's a complete timeline of their relationship.
First Lady Melania Trump marvels at the newly decorated White House.

The Trump White House is about to be all decked out for Christmas — see what it looked like last year

The White House was in full regalia for the holidays 2017, and photos show the Christmas decorations inside the "People's House". Take a look.

Melania Trump’s hotel bill for a one-day trip to Canada cost $174,000

Melania Trump spent $174,000 on hotels she didn't sleep in on a 12-hour trip near Toronto. The hotel bills don't include her staff or logistics teams.

Top national security aide ousted by Melania Trump reportedly refuses ambassadorship in key NATO country

President Donald Trump reportedly offered to make Mira Ricardel the US ambassador to Estonia, but she ultimately refused.

A Trump aide is officially out after rebukes from Melania Trump’s office

Deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel has been removed from her position
First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday called for Mira Ricardel to be fired.

It looks like Melania Trump might get her wish — John Bolton’s No. 2 is reportedly set to be ousted at the White House

The first lady is reportedly unhappy with how she's been treated by deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel and called for her to be fired.
White House chief of staff John Kelly might be leaving his position soon after clashing with First Lady Melania Trump, according to reports.

John Kelly reportedly clashed with Melania Trump, which could spell the end of his time in the White House

White House chief of staff John Kelly has reportedly been butting heads with First Lady Melania Trump and might be leaving his position soon.