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The best leather sneakers for men

Leather sneakers can up your style game whether paired with a suit or dressed down with a sweater and jeans. Here's are the best leather sneakers.

These 6.7-ounce, waterproof sneakers are more than just the perfect adventure shoes — they’re comfortable and versatile enough to be your ...

This booming brand created sneakers that are lightweight, breathable, and 100% waterproof. We tried them to learn why they're so popular and in demand.

The best water-resistant sneakers for men

Rainy weather doesn't have to get in the way of your affinity for sneakers. These are the best water-resistant men's sneakers you can buy.
The Kizik New York, $150

These $150 slip-on shoes can be customized to fit your feet — my left foot is wider than my right, so I was able to get a custom fit without nee...

These Kizik Men's Sneakers are handsfree, slip-on shoes that can be customized to fit to your foot.

Shoes can be extremely wasteful to produce — this sneaker startup is helping to change industry standards by using 100% recycled materials

Nothing New is a sustainable sneaker brand using recycled materials to positively impact the planet and educate consumers. Here's what its shoes are like.

This cleverly designed duffel bag makes it easy to travel with a suit and keep it wrinkle-free — here’s how it works

The Propeller Garment Duffle Bag keeps suits from getting wrinkly during travel. It's great for weddings, business trips, and short getaways.

5 mistakes Singaporean men make when buying formal shoes, according to a men’s shoe expert

We hope you're not using the shoe polish left over from your NS days.

Johnston & Murphy’s new waterproof shoe collection is great for business-casual dress codes — here’s how 3 different styles fee...

The Johnston & Murphy XC4 Collection combines modern performance with classic dress shoe materials to make comfortable business casual shoes.
The black patent leather Glider Sneaker released as part of the three-shoe Podium Collection. Click here to shop the full collection.

9 places to shop for formal menswear — from custom tuxedos to monogrammed socks

It's important to dress your best when attending formal events like a wedding or a ball. We rounded up our favorite brands to shop for formal looks.

Where to buy business casual men’s clothes for a relaxed workplace wardrobe

Workplaces are getting rid of formal attire for more relaxed dress codes. We rounded up our favorite brands to add to your business casual wardrobe.