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A view of an Ariel statue outside the Art of Animation resort in Disney World.

Disney World resorts are offering mermaid classes that include ‘tail fittings’ and swimming lessons

Both children and adults can partake in Disney World's mermaid classes, which are open to everyone above the age of 4.
Torrid's new clothing line includes shirts and rompers inspired by "The Little Mermaid."

Torrid is selling a clothing line inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid,’ and it’s perfect for summer

The mermaid-inspired line includes 16 different bathing suits, beach cover-ups, shirts, and leggings.
A mom created this hairstyle inspired by "The Little Mermaid" for her daughter's school event.

People are obsessed with this ‘Little Mermaid’ hairstyle a mom created for her daughter complete with an Ariel doll

The hairstyle featured a green braid designed to look like the mermaid's fin, and an Ariel doll attached on top.
"Mermaid School" will be offered at four Disney World hotels, including the Art of Animation Resort.

These Disney World resorts are offering mermaid classes for anyone over the age of 4

During each hour-long class, participants will receive a "tail-fitting," and learn how to swim like a mermaid.
27-year-old Jessica Mermaid told Business Insider that being under water in her tail feels magical. "It's my therapy."

This 27-year-old is a real-life mermaid living in the UK — and she’s not the only one

"It's difficult to describe the feeling, but when I'm swimming underwater it's kind of magical. I feel more comfortable and at ease, and a sense of freedom."