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11 unbelievable facts about Mexico’s economy

Despite Mexico having the 15th largest GDP in the world, about half of all Mexican citizens live in poverty.
Donald Trump holds copy of regional asylum plan as he departs the White House in Washington on Tuesday.

Trump boasted about his ‘secret’ deal with Mexico while waving a piece of paper explaining exactly how it works

President Donald Trump brandished a sheet of A4 paper that bore details from his deal reached Friday, one erasing plans for tariffs on Mexican goods.

China is ramping up trade-war tensions after Trump’s tariff threat, saying it will ‘fight to the end’

China said it would "resolutely respond" if the US continues to escalate the two countries' trade war.

Trump is touting a farm deal with Mexico that doesn’t seem to exist

Trump portrayed his agreement with Mexico over the weekend as a win for American farmers. But there is no evidence that such a deal exists.

Stocks are popping on Trump’s Mexico tariff suspension. But the market’s still littered with major risks, experts warn.

Strategists warn investors amid the market's positive reaction they must contend with risks like US-China trade tensions around the June G-20 summit.
President Donald Trump.

Trump hits back at reports questioning significance of Mexico deal

Trump also noted that if necessary, he could snap back and levy tariffs on Mexico over the issue of border security.
Beto O'Rourke.

Democratic presidential candidates hammer Trump over deal with Mexico

"I think the president has completely overblown what he purports to have achieved," O'Rourke said.

The deal that Trump announced to avert tariffs on Mexico reportedly mostly includes things Mexico agreed to do months earlier

Trump had vowed to impose the tariffs on June 10 if Mexico did not crack down on migrants traveling through the country en route to the US.

We just got the latest evidence Trump’s trade war is throwing a wrench in business plans

Commentary from businesses around the country show disputes between the US and key trading partners Mexico and China are chipping away at sentiment.
President Donald Trump.

DEAL REACHED: Trump says upcoming Mexico tariffs will be ‘indefinitely suspended’

"I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico," Trump announced on Twitter.