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‘Just the same s**t rehashed’: Netizens are bashing a new MH370 documentary after Malaysia refuted claims of mass murder

"I am surprised he is raising this theory now — for what purpose, I do not know."
The fate MH370 has become one of the world's biggest aviation mysteries.

The mystery of MH370 remains more than 5 years later — here are all the theories, dead ends, and unanswered questions from the most bizarre airl...

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared in 2014 with 239 people on board en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Mystery has swirled since.

A chilling report suggests the pilot on MH370 may have depressurized the cabin, ‘gently’ killing the more than 200 passengers on board bef...

In their final minutes, the passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have slowly suffocated after their captain depressurized the cabin.
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

An extensive new report suggests that the missing MH370’s pilot was ‘clinically depressed’ and purposely killed all 239 on board

The Atlantic unearthed new evidence that points to the most horrific theory about why Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared — a deliberate crash.
The aftermath of a a Pan-Am plane colliding with a KLM Jumbo in 1977, when 583 people were killed.

The Boeing 737 Max crisis could mark a seismic shift for the aviation industry. Here are the other disasters that have changed the way we fly.

Two fatal crashes involving Boeing's 737 Max planes could change the US or global aviation industry in the way fatal crashes have done so before.
The fate of MH370 has become one of the world's biggest aviation mysteries.

France starts new MH370 probe, after the official report failed to work out what really happened

Relatives were left angry when a Malaysian government report in July provided very little in the way of answers as to what might have happened when Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared in March 2014 with 239 on board. Now the French government is reportedly starting to investigate again.

The new MH370 report quashed a wild theory that the plane’s cargo of fruit and batteries turned it into a giant, flying bomb

Some people had theorised that the cargo aboard MH370 — a shipment of lithium ion batteries and mangosteen fruit — could have mixed during the flight and combusted. Malaysian government investigators concluded in a report issued on Monday that this was "highly improbable."

Malaysia civil aviation chief resigns over MH370 lapses

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the report had highlighted failures by air traffic control to comply with standard operating procedures.

MH370 investigators say controls were likely deliberately manipulated

A report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was released on Monday.

The new MH370 report rejects the most horrific theory of all about why the plane disappeared

One popular explanation for the disaster is that the plane's captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, crashed MH370 deliberately, leaving the 238 other people on board as collateral in a suicide attempt. But a new report from the Malaysian government said the evidence it had pointed in the opposite direction.