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The Seahawks are reportedly trading Michael Bennett and appear to be on the verge of a full tear-down

The Seattle Seahawks' aging defensive core appears to be nearing its end after Michael Bennett was traded and rumors surround Richard Sherman.

Some NFL players want a month for social justice similar to ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’

The national anthem protests have sparked plenty of conversation. Now, four of the NFL's top player-activists want to take things a step further.

Las Vegas police sent a letter to Roger Goodell asking him to take ‘appropriate action’ against Michael Bennett

The Las Vegas police department's union sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking him to investigate and take "appropriate action" against Michael Bennett.

Martellus Bennett gets emotional, says he cried watching video of brother’s confrontation with police

Martellus Bennett, the brother of Michael Bennett, said he got emotional thinking about how Michael's confrontation with police could have turned out worse.

Michael Bennett says he faced ‘real-life threat of being killed’ during encounter with Las Vegas police

Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett has described an encounter in Las Vegas with the police that he said left him with "real-life threat of being killed."

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett sits during national anthem in wake of violence in Charlottesville

Michael Bennett said he plans to continue sitting during the national anthem this season to protest oppression in the U.S.

Inspired by Chance the Rapper, Seattle Seahawks star Michael Bennett plans to donate all his 2017 endorsement earnings to charity

Bennett says he was inspired by Chance the Rapper, who said he would donate $1 million to Chicago Public Schools.

Stephen Curry had a seemingly backhanded response to criticism that his basketball camp is too expensive

Stephen Curry didn't seem to appreciate being called out by Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett.

Seahawks player interrupts Kam Chancellor interview and yells at the team to pay him

Clearly, Chancellor's desire for more money is still an issue.