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Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding star in "Last Christmas."

‘GMA’s’ Michael Strahan described ‘Last Christmas’ as ‘a romantic comedy with a little bit of a twist.’ Here...

Stars Henry Golding and Emma Thompson appeared on the ABC talk show on Tuesday and the cohost hinted at a surprising moment in the upcoming movie.

Kelly Ripa just announced Ryan Seacrest as her new cohost on ‘Live’

Nearly a year after the exit of former cohost Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa told the world former "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest will join her on "Live."

Regis Philbin says he and ‘Live’ host Kelly Ripa don’t talk: ‘She got very offended when I left’

In an interview with Larry King, former "Live" cohost Regis Philbin said that Kelly Ripa didn't take his retirement well.

Michael Strahan just started his first day as a cohost on ‘Good Morning America’

Former "Live" cohost Michael Strahan began his full-time stint at ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday.

Michael Strahan is losing out on a key source of income for his new ‘Good Morning America’ job

Former NFL player Michael Strahan has had deals with Subway, Pizza Hut, and Snickers, among many others. That's about to change.

Michael Strahan says ‘bittersweet’ goodbye to ‘Live’: ‘I’m not dying!’

The former NFL player leaves the daytime show for a full-time job at ABC's "GMA."

Here are the 10 best candidates to cohost ‘Live’ with Kelly Ripa when Michael Strahan leaves

From Anderson Cooper to Jerry O'Connell, these men would be great replacements for the "Live" spot.

Michael Strahan is stepping down from ‘Live’ early after Kelly Ripa standoff

Kelly Ripa was reportedly upset about the news that Michael Strahan would be leaving "Live."

Kelly Ripa reunited with Michael Strahan on ‘Live’ to bury the hatchet over his exit

The co-host returned after going MIA since last week after the news of her cohost's departure.

Kelly Ripa says she’ll return to ‘Live’ after taking time off to ‘process’ Michael Strahan’s exit

After failing to return to "Live" this week, the cohost confirms she'll return on Tuesday.