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A video obtained by the Detroit Free Press shows state troopers slamming a man with a disability onto the pavement.

Video shows state troopers in Michigan ‘face-planting’ a black motorist with a disability onto the pavement

A trooper can be seen reaching inside the vehicle and yanking out the man's cane, then hauling him outside and slamming him onto the pavement.

12 photos that show why Michiganders like myself are so furious with Mike Pence for bringing cars onto Mackinac Island

Mike Pence just traveled on Mackinac Island with his extensive motorcade — even though the area banned personal vehicles over 100 years ago.
Local media took videos of the vice president's motorcade on the island.

VP Mike Pence caused outrage by driving his motorcade through a car-free pristine vacation destination island — here’s what happened

Vice President Mike Pence made a lot of people mad on social media for riding an eight-car motorcade on the historically car-free Mackinac Island.
Most cars have been barred from Mackinac Island since 1898.

‘Pence has fouled our paradise’: Furious Michiganders slam the vice president after his motorcade descended on car-free Mackinac Island

Mike Pence traveled by motorcade on car-free Mackinac Island — one of the natural gems of the Midwest. Michiganders aren't happy about that.
DeAngelo Martin, 34, is being investigated for multiple homicides.

A woman says she escaped a suspected serial killer in Detroit by stabbing him with a box cutter and diving out a window

Authorities had warned residents in June that a possible serial killer and rapist in Detroit was targeting sex workers in their 50s.
In 2016, Harvell said she "cried like a baby" when she found out she won $500,000 in the lottery.

A Michigan couple who won the lottery in 2016 were just charged in a months-long burglary spree

In 2016, the couple said said they planned to use their winnings to buy a house and a new car, and start college funds for her daughters.

Gun control advocates are outraged over a Michigan high school spending $48 million on curved hallways and ‘wing-walls’ to prevent mass sh...

A Fruitport, Michigan school is building curved hallways, protective walls, and other safety features in response to recent mass shootings in schools.

A Michigan city council candidate said she wants to keep the city ‘a white community as much as possible’

Jean Cramer, 67, made the comment during a city candidates' forum when she was asked about how to bring more foreign-born people to the community.

Trump thinks he won Michigan’s ‘man of the year’ award, but a former congressman says it was actually just a framed copy of the Gett...

Trump has bragged about his Michigan 'man of the year' award, including at his recent New Hampshire rally, but he didn't actually receive one.
The kayakers were 50 feet away.

A group kayaking in Lake Superior narrowly avoided being struck by massive a collapsing cliff, and the moment was captured on video

On Monday, a group of 18 kayakers went out with Northern Waters Adventures on Lake Superior when a cliff fell in the water. No one as injured.