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NHS nurses wait for the next patient at a drive through Coronavirus testing site in a car park on March 12, 2020 in Wolverhampton, England.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Palantir will help the UK health service map its coronavirus response, raising privacy worries

The companies will put together an interactive digital dashboard by pulling in reams of NHS data.
To stop Microsoft Edge from opening, you'll need to change some settings.

How to stop Microsoft Edge from opening automatically on your PC or Mac computer

To stop Microsoft Edge from opening automatically, you'll need to change certain settings on your PC or Mac.
The Facebook office in New York in 2011.

In a rare move, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and other tech giants are working together to help developers combat the coronavirus pandemic with techn...

The tech giants are all working toward the common cause of helping developers create technologies to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
You can send a Zoom invite in four different ways.

All your friends are using Zoom, the video-chat app that is suddenly dominating competition from Google and Microsoft

Beyond being a productivity tool, Zoom has become a place where people are hanging out and families are staying in touch while social distancing.

Bill Gates said the US missed its chance to avoid a coronavirus shutdown and recommended businesses stay closed for 6 to 10 weeks

Gates admitted a mandated shutdown could be "disastrous" for the economy, but said the US didn't act fast enough to avoid it.

The most popular web browsers are sending companies your history or personal data, according to a report. Here’s how each browser’s privac...

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari were each ranked in the second-lowest privacy tier, while Microsoft Edge and Yandex were ranked as "least private."

Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft worse at transcribing black people’s voices than white people’s with AI voice recognition, study...

Previous studies have shown that AI systems like facial recognition can become engrained with racial bias.
Microsoft CEO Satya Narayana Nadella in Berlin, Germany, in February 2019.

Microsoft became the only US company worth more than $1 trillion after the coronavirus sent the US economy into a nosedive

Fallout from the coronavirus has cost Apple, Amazon, and Google parent firm Alphabet their positions in the trillion dollar valuations club.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivers the keynote speech at Microsoft's partner conference Inspire 2018

Microsoft cancels Inspire partner conference ‘as an in-person event’ due to coronavirus crisis

Microsoft is canceling its partner conference Inspire "as an in-person event" and is exploring alternatives.
Common symptoms of COVID-19 include a fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing.

Microsoft and the CDC have built an AI-powered coronavirus chatbot that can help you figure out whether you need to go to the hospital

The CDC's tool helps people in the US determine if they should seek medical treatment, but isn't meant for the diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19.