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Jared Spataro, Microsoft 365 corporate vice president

Microsoft just launched a bunch of new features at its annual developers’ conference as it takes on rivals like Zoom and Slack to become an all-...

At Build, Microsoft announced new developer tools for Teams, Power Platform, and Fluid Framework as it takes on rivals like Slack and Zoom.
You can forward multiple emails in Gmail using a third-party Chrome browser extension on your computer.

Google quietly reached a major milestone in its battle with Microsoft to rule the workplace

Google's G Suite now as 2 billion monthly active users, making it a more formidable challenger to Microsoft.

How to download and access Microsoft PowerPoint on your Mac computer

You can download Microsoft PowerPoint on your Mac computer in the App Store and use it with a Office 365 plan.

Slack says that while its user numbers still lag Microsoft’s, what really matters is that users love its app a lot

Although Slack's daily active user count is short of Microsoft's, Slack says Microsoft Office customers still choose Slack, despite having Teams.
Microsoft's "Twin Challenge" ads pit Office 365 against Office 2019.

Microsoft is running bizarre commercials that seem to trash its own Microsoft Office 2019 suite

Microsoft really, really likes Office 365 — so much so that it's willing to trash its own Microsoft Office 2019.

Microsoft earnings meet Wall Street expectations, and the stock sinks almost 2%

Microsoft reported earnings for the holiday quarter of 2018.

Microsoft is fixing a major videoconferencing faux pas with artificial intelligence

Microsoft Teams is getting a free version. Microsoft also introduced background blur, a new feature for Teams calls that makes your background fade into a nondescript blob.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft buys a classroom video startup with 20 million users as it pushes against Google

Microsoft has purchased Flipgrid, a Minneapolis-based educational startup that encourages students to share videos with each other. In the bigger picture, Microsoft and Google are sparring for control of the classroom tech scene.

Microsoft just hit its $20 billion cloud goal, almost a year ahead of schedule

Microsoft's cloud business is a $20 billion beast, and it's still growing.

The explosive growth of Microsoft’s cloud business, in one chart

Microsoft isn't just about selling Windows these days.