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Microsoft's "Twin Challenge" ads pit Office 365 against Office 2019.

Microsoft is running bizarre commercials that seem to trash its own Microsoft Office 2019 suite

Microsoft really, really likes Office 365 — so much so that it's willing to trash its own Microsoft Office 2019.

Check out the new Microsoft Office icons, which just got their first redesign in 5 years

It's out with the old, and in with the new: say hello to the new Microsoft Office icons, their first upgrade since 2013.
Javier Soltero is leaving Microsoft at the end of the year. He has been there since 2014.

One of Microsoft’s fastest-rising stars is leaving the company

Javier Soltero came to Microsoft four years ago and challenged its corporate culture. Now, he's leaving to get back to his entrepreneurial roots.

Microsoft Word and LinkedIn will now help you write a killer resume

Microsoft is putting its $26 billion LinkedIn acquisition to work with the announcement of Resume Assistant.

Facebook and Salesforce further their team-up against Microsoft Office and Google

Salesforce and Facebook have a plan to take down Microsoft Office.

The new version of Windows is a good idea but really frustrating to actually use

Microsoft Windows 10 S, the newest version of the operating system, is a good idea with serious shortcomings.

Microsoft is finally fixing a notorious Outlook emoji problem that’s plagued users for seven years

Thanks to some tweaks in Microsoft Outlook, it's goodbye "J," hello ":)."

Microsoft’s Windows boss explains why the time is right to conquer Google in the classroom

Microsoft's Terry Myerson and Yusuf Mehdi sound off on why the new Windows 10 S is the right operating system at the right time.