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These affordable skins are the best way to make your smartphone, computer, or game console stand out — here’s how they work

Dbrand makes great-looking customizable skins for your smartphone, computer, or game console, and ships them anywhere in the world. They don't add any bulk to your device, but they do bestow some nice benefits, like making them grippier to hold, and preventing scratches and fingerprints.

Microsoft has a full lineup of computers that all rival Apple’s Macs — here’s how to choose between them

Microsoft now has four devices that are all worthy rivals to Apple's Macs. Here's what you need to know.

Microsoft’s new souped-up Surface Book laptop is way more ‘Pro’ than any of Apple’s newest MacBooks

Microsoft's upgraded Surface Book with Performance Base takes a good thing and makes it better.

Microsoft’s PC partners are fighting an impossible war on two fronts

Microsoft may be setting its PC manufacturers up to fail.

Microsoft told us that PC makers knew about its new laptop, but at least one says ‘no’

Microsoft's PC manufacturer partners don't seem to be happy about the Surface Book.

Microsoft is acting like Apple — and it’s a good thing

Microsoft new Surface Book is taking a page from Apple's Mac playbook.