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8 laptops for people who want the absolute best

No "standard" performance and specs here. These laptops are for people who want that premium experience.
Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Facebook, attends the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, July 13, 2018 in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter are making it easier to transfer your data between their websites

The tech companies are working together to make it easier to transfer mail, contacts, calendars, and other data between platforms, without needing to download and re-upload it. The code for the project is open source, and can be found on GitHub.
The Philly Phanatic uses an iPhone.

Now you can order a beer at a baseball game with a text — and it’s a great example of of how Apple is going after Facebook

Starting today, at Citizens Bank Park, where the Philadelphia Phillies play, you'll be able to order beer and water with a text message. It's part of a new pilot program that Aramark is trying out using Apple's Business Chat platform.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft crushes earnings and reports $110 billion in annual revenue, stock jumps 4% on strong guidance

Microsoft reported better-than-expected earnings on Thursday, handily beating Wall Street estimates. The stock then jumped over 4% after the company reported guidance for the next quarter.

There are plenty of non-technical jobs at the biggest tech companies — here are the 10 highest-paying non-technical jobs, according to Glassdoor...

You don't necessarily have to know how to code or be tech-savvy to work at a tech company — there are plenty of other roles to be filled. Glassdoor has compiled some of the highest-paying jobs at tech companies that don't require any tech skills.
Margrethe Vestager, the EU's competition commissioner, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google fined a record $5 billion by the EU for abusing the dominance of Android

Google is accused of forcing smartphone makers to preinstall its services, such as Google Search, on Android. The timing couldn't be worse for Google given the growing global appetite to break up big tech.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in recent history with a net worth of $150 billion, beating Bill Gates’ record

Jeff Bezos is worth $150 million, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. After adjusting for inflation, that's more than Bill Gates was worth at the height of the dot-com boom in 1999.
An early investment in Facebook would be worth nearly five times as much today.

Here’s how much you would have made investing $1,000 in Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and 19 other major companies back in the day

Using historical price data from Yahoo Finance, we took a look at how an early investment in 22 big-name companies — including Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, and Netflix — would have turned out over the years.

Microsoft is fixing a major videoconferencing faux pas with artificial intelligence

Microsoft Teams is getting a free version. Microsoft also introduced background blur, a new feature for Teams calls that makes your background fade into a nondescript blob.