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These 10 big games just leaked ahead of the biggest gaming event of the year

'Gears of War 5,' a new Xbox controller, and a ton of other huge announcements have already leaked from this year's big video game show.
Look familiar?

This crazy new game looks like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ meets ‘Mad Max’

"Rage 2" is a new game from the folks behind "DOOM" and "Just Cause." It looks bananas.

‘Fortnite’ is free to play, but here’s why you should drop $10 for the premium item that makes the game so much better

Wondering whether or not the Battle Pass in "Fortnite" is worth your money? The answer is a resounding yes — it makes the game far richer.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is getting a truly bizarre-looking controller with two giant buttons — take a look

Microsoft's Xbox One is getting a new gamepad with two giant buttons — part of the company's push toward accessibility, it seems. The controller hasn't been officially announced, but the leak looks legit.
What horrors await below in Risky Reels? Who knows!

8 tips for mastering ‘Fortnite,’ the biggest game in the world

Still haven't gotten that victory royale? Here are our best tips, tricks, and sneaky secrets for conquering "Fortnite."

‘Fortnite’ players have found a mysterious new hatch and don’t know where it goes

A mysterious new hatch has appeared in a corner of the "Fortnite" map that players can't figure out.

Microsoft let people cuddle with adorable baby animals at its big conference this week

Microsoft Build 2018 attendees were able to blow off some steam by cuddling with rabbits, puppies, and miniature horses.

These 5 brilliant little details help explain why ‘Fortnite’ is so insanely popular right now

"Fortnite" isn't just a good game — it's a smartly designed shooter that's full of brilliant little hooks. Best of all: Despite being a violent game, it can be played by people of all ages.

SHOTS FIRED: Microsoft CEO says Amazon and Google are rigging the system against retailers

Microsoft is in a fierce battle with Amazon and Google for cloud supremacy. Big companies, including retailers, are deciding which of these giants they are going to choose to pay millions of dollars for computing time.
Bill Gates speaking at an event in Washington, 2014.

17 surprising facts about Bill Gates

Despite his philanthropic efforts and online presence, there are a lot of things about Bill Gates you probably didn't know.