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There are several phrases that only a true Mid-Westerner would know.

15 sayings only people from the Midwest will understand

Aside from having superb cheese and notoriously friendly attitudes, people from the Midwest also have their own sayings.
Cloud Gate, commonly called The Bean, in Chicago, Illinois.

20 photos that will make you wish you lived in the Midwest

From The Bean to the Flint Hills to Paisley Park, there's really nowhere quite like the Midwest. Here are 20 photos to prove it.
Photos of snowfall in Mazeppa Township, Minnesota, on Sunday.

Blizzard conditions and strong winds have left hundreds of thousands of people without power in the Midwest

A winter storm that has been sweeping across the midwestern US will spread to parts of northern New England on Monday, meteorologists say.
A graphic showing high temperatures forecast for Sunday.

The frigid polar vortex that killed 21 people is on the way out — and temperatures are due to spike by up to 80 degrees

The polar vortex is ending, and temperatures will rapidly rise. But the thaw creates new problems, and some areas could get winter weather next week.
A composite image showing a NOAA satellite image of the polar vortex over the US on Wednesday, and a man in Chicago taking a picture at frozen shores of Lake Michigan.

The polar vortex ravaging the US with extreme cold has killed at least 21 people

Deaths have been recorded in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois, where temperatures in some places have plunged to their lowest recorded levels.
Is this a photo of the Midwest or Antarctica?

Parts of the Midwest are colder than Antarctica due to a polar vortex. Can you guess which photo was taken where?

The Midwest is experiencing a polar vortex with subzero temperatures colder than Antarctica right now. Can you tell the two places apart in photos?
Frank Lettiere's eyebrows and eye lashes are frozen after walking along Lake Michigan's ice covered shoreline as temperatures dropped to -20 degrees F (-29C) on January 30, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

People in Michigan facing brutal cold weather have been asked to turn down the heat at the worst possible time

An unexpected incident with Consumers Energy and frigid temperatures from the polar vortex mean that Michiganders are being asked to do their part.
A shaded map showing the temperatures across the US, including wind chill, as of 5 a.m. CST.

Parts of the US are colder than Antarctica as a frigid polar vortex brings temperatures of minus 30 degrees

Temperatures of minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit were recorded in Wisconsin on Wednesday morning. Only one weather station in Antarctica got lower.

House Democratic leadership is dominated by coastal states, has a ‘geographic diversity” problem

"Rural America can be represented in [Democratic] leadership," Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos tells INSIDER.
A farmer harvests crops in Burlington, IA.

I’m from Ohio — here are 6 things all Midwesterners know to be true

The Midwest has a rep for friendly people, cheap land, and a low-stress lifestyle that differs dramatically from other US regions. Many people are flocking to the Midwest because of its affordable cost of living and relaxed pace. Here's how the Midwest is different than the rest of the country.