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Jeremy Lin told a great story about how Mike D’Antoni ’empowers’ players and helped inspire the famous Linsanity run

Mike D'Antoni called Jeremy Lin after a turnover-heavy loss and told him that he didn't care if Lin turned the ball over 20 times in a game. D'Antoni told Lin to keep attacking and not think twice about the turnovers.

Steve Kerr explained how the Warriors’ offense is different than the Rockets’ — the juggernaut they’re about to face with the ...

The Warriors and Rockets may look similar on the surface, but their elite offenses have some key fundamental differences. Steve Kerr explained that the Warriors offense is more "egalitarian" than the Rockets.

The NBA world increasingly believes that the Rockets can challenge what seemed like a foregone conclusion — the Warriors winning it all

The Rockets have been the NBA's best team this season and look as if they could be a threat to the Warriors for the championship.
Mike D'Antoni became a superstar in Italy.

The coach who designed the offense that changed the NBA nearly failed before he started

Mike D'Antoni's vision of how an NBA offense should look took years to catch on, but now it has shaped the way basketball is played.

The Rockets unleashed James Harden with a minor position change, and now he looks unstoppable

James Harden is now the Houston Rockets' full-time point guard, and he's tearing up the NBA.