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George Soros said his response to the pandemic was informed by experiences during the Holocaust.

George Soros criticized the EU’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and gave Milan and Budapest $1 million each to combat the crisis

George Soros said his response to the coronavirus pandemic was informed by his personal experiences during the Holocaust.
Isabella Castoldi.

An Italian woman living in an area badly impacted by coronavirus admits: ‘We expected other countries that are much closer to China to be in thi...

People went from joking about COVID-19 to panic-buying toilet paper, and Florence became "a ghost town" almost overnight, Isabella Castoldi told Insider.

2 regions of Italy took different approaches to fighting the coronavirus. Their results show that widespread testing and early social distancing reall...

A region of Italy that took earlier and more aggressive measures to fight the novel coronavirus is now seeing fewer cases.
A military officer in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan on March 10, 2020, after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared a nationwide lockdown.

Italy’s nationwide coronavirus lockdown is set to rock the luxury retail industry, with brands bracing for what could be a billion-dollar setbac...

Many of the fashion editors who attended Milan Fashion Week have already had to self-quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.
A military officer in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan on March 10, 2020.

A woman spent $1,370 to escape Milan’s lockdown by taxi, only to be placed on lockdown in Rome the day after her 350-mile, 6-hour trip

Michela fled Milan to avoid lockdown, but after arriving in Rome the lockdown was extended the whole of Italy.
Train passengers in Salerno, southern Italy, on March 8, 2020.

Thousands of people in Italy panicked and tried to flee its 16-million-person coronavirus quarantine after the plan leaked

"Some of those who fled will be infected with the disease," said one virus expert — increasing the risk it will spread further.
A picture shows the deserted Piazza Duomo in Milan, Italy, on March 5, 2020 as the European nation grapples with the coronavirus epidemic.

Italy has put 16 million people on lockdown to control the escalating coronavirus outbreak

Schools, museums, theaters, and swimming pools have been shut down in Lombardy and 14 other provinces. Italy has reported 5,883 cases of COVID-19 and 233 deaths so far.
Military officers wearing face masks stand outside Duomo cathedral, closed by authorities due to a coronavirus outbreak, in Milan, Italy February 24, 2020.

Italy sealed off entire towns and canceled major events after 400 coronavirus cases and 12 deaths made it the most infected country outside of Asia

Cases of COVID-19 have soared in Italy, making it the most infected country outside Asia. Neighboring countries are worried.
A policewoman wearing a protective mask stands next to carnival revellers at Venice Carnival, which the last two days of, as well as Sunday night's festivities, have been cancelled because of an outbreak of coronavirus, in Venice, Italy February 23, 2020.

Photos show what Italy is like under lockdown as the country becomes Europe’s epicenter of the coronavirus with 283 cases reported in 4 days

Authorities have closed down 12 Italian towns as they try to stop the virus from spreading. Photos show what it looks like on the ground.