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Trump cuts North Korea some slack, saying Singapore summit could happen and ‘everyone plays games’

President Donald Trump's comments, given to White House pool reporters, come after he tweeted praising North Korea for what he called a "warm and productive" statement that walked back some of Pyongyang's hardline chatter from the days before.

Defense Secretary Mattis explains what war with North Korea would look like

"It would be a war that fundamentally we don't want," Defense Secretary James Mattis said, but "we would win at great cost."

‘Officer coups are often unsuccessful and bloody’: Wall Street weighs in on a military coup taking out Venezuela’s Maduro

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro secured another term as president over the weekend in what was widely seen as a fraudulent election. One research firm thinks he could be overthrown by the military before the end of 2018.
President Donald Trump

Trump backs off hardline denuclearization demand after North Korea threatens nuclear showdown

President Donald Trump said of North Korea's proposed denuclearization: "You know physically, a phase-in may be a little bit necessary — we will have to do a rapid phase-in, but I'd like to see it done at one time."
Satellite photo dated March 20, 2018 shows Subi Reef.

China is not even pretending anymore in the South China Sea — it put 400 buildings on one of the disputed islands

Satellite imagery shows that China has put nearly 400 buildings on Subi Reef in the South China Sea, Reuters reported. It's about double the number of buildings on China's other large islands in the region, known as the Spratly Islands.
One of four Bulava ICBMs takes off from a submerged Russian submarine.

Russia displays massive nuclear force with a sub launching 4 missiles with the power of 160 Hiroshimas

Together, the missiles fired by Russia had a minimum combine explosive potential of 2,400 kilotons, or about 160 times the destructive force that hit Hiroshima near the close of World War II, Hans Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project estimated.
Exfiltrated content included military photos with US army personnel

Pakistani military allegedly accessed data of US, UK, and Australian officials and diplomats

Victims unknowingly gave access to images of US military hardware, photos of passports, details of diplomatic visits, and letters from senior officials. The malware could also detect when a victim was driving and turn off SMS and internet reception during that time.

Trump’s troubled Syria policy is getting unexpected help from Putin

If Iran does eventually cede to Putin and Trump's demands and back out of Syria, it will provide the US a strong inflection point on which it can leave the country, having handily defeated ISIS there.
An Israeli F-35I over Nevatim, Israel

Israel’s F-35s reportedly saw combat in a raging Syrian air war that smashed Russian defenses

Israeli F-35s flew over Syria after Iranian forces fired rockets towards Israel and Israel's air force launched a blistering retaliation that killed dozens of Iranians and more than 50 individual targets, Schlomo Brom, a retired Brig. Gen in the Israeli Air Force told Business Insider.
US mechanized infantry troops at an official opening ceremony for joint US-Georgian exercise Noble Partner 2015 at the Vaziani training area outside Tbilisi, Georgia, May 11, 2015.

These are the 15 countries with the most troops ready to fight right now

Head-to-head comparisons of countries' armed forces have to compensate for a variety of factors, but the number of troops a country can commit to combat right away is a key factor in its military strength.