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Young investors in Singapore make far less than older ones, because they get scared the moment markets dip: Report

 Younger investors tended to have lower financial literacy, resulting in panic when markets dip.
Egg freezing costs thousands.T

More women are freezing their eggs to delay having kids — but the process costs thousands of dollars and still might not work. Here’s what...

Experts say egg-freezing costs can range from $6,000 to $20,000 per cycle depending on age and location — and that doesn't include storage fees.
Some millennials earning more than $100,000 are feeling broke.

Here’s why so many millennials making 6-figure salaries still feel broke

Henrys — millennials who earn six figures but still feel broke — can blame their lavish lifestyle and economic consequences for not building wealth.
Millennials are finally looking to buy homes.

The top 30 US cities where millennials are looking at buying homes right now

A recent LendingTree report looked at the most popular cities where millennials are house hunting. Of the top 10, most are in the north and midwest.
Notably, this man isn't wearing a helmet. "Nearly one-third of patients had a head injury, more than double the rate of head injuries experienced by bicyclists," the study notes.

Electric scooter injuries among millennials in cities more than doubled in a single year, new study finds

In 2017, just over 2,000 people aged 18 to 34 were injured on electric scooters. By 2018, that number jumped to over 5,300.
Henrys are millennials who live comfortably but feel broke.

‘High earner, not rich yet’: How to tell if you’re a ‘Henry,’ based on your salary, savings, and lifestyle

The typical Henry earns six figures, is in their early 30s, and struggles to balance a comfortable lifestyle with saving for the future.
Not all millennials identify with their generation.

The term ‘millennial’ has become so controversial that an expert says many millennials actually don’t identify with it

Millennials have long been portrayed as being financially behind, entitled, and lazy — but a lot of millennials just don't relate to the stereotype.
Millennials are waiting longer to have kids, but what does that mean for the biological clock?

Millennials are having kids later than any other generation, and it might be putting mothers at greater risk of depression. Here’s what experts ...

More 30-something women are having babies than ever before. But fertility declines with age, increasing the risk of physical and mental health.
Are you a Mega-llennial or Me-llennial?

There are 2 types of American millennials, says an expert who studies the generation — and the difference between them is not based on their age...

Me-llennials feel behind in their career and finances. Mega-llennials are more ahead, and don't identify with typical millennial stereotypes.
Coachella can cost thousands of dollars.

Coachella’s 2020 lineup is here. These 15 unbelievable facts show just how much it’ll cost you to see it, from $430 tickets to $9,500 camp...

How much Coachella costs depends on what you want — it can cost thousands of dollars for a VIP experience and just as much for "festival fashion."