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Wealthy millennials may be flush with cash, but they're not naive.

Even wealthy millennials who started saving in their 20s think they’ll retire with debt

Millennials with at least $250,000 to invest today still think they'll retire with debt, a survey by the financial-services firm D.A. Davidson found.
Millennials are waiting longer to buy homes.

8 ways American millennials are changing homeownership, from moving to commuter towns to wiping out the starter home

Millennials are giving homeownership a new look thanks to financial struggles and high housing costs. Here's how millennials are buying homes.
Millennials are coping with burnout by watching Netflix.

Millennials are turning to Netflix to cope with burnout, and it highlights the similarities between technology addiction and food cravings

Millennials are turning to technology as a solution to finding themselves being constantly connected — a relationship they need to learn to navigate.
Millennials love sparkling water.

Seltzer is officially ‘the drink of the summer.’ Anyone who’s surprised hasn’t been paying attention to what millennials like....

Seltzer is "the drink of summer 2019," reported Sheila Marikar of The New York Times — and it's hardly surprising for wellness-focused millennials.
Suburban areas are growing in popularity and price.

The 25 US suburbs where home values are growing the fastest, ranked

Suburbs in the South and West are growing in popularity and price. Of the suburbs on our list, 12 are located in Florida and three are in Georgia.
Gen Z is worried about student loan debt.

Depression is on the rise among Gen Z — and teen girls are experiencing the worst of it

More US teens are suffering from depression, according to Pew. Teens who feel less supported are more likely to experience mental health problems.
brunchwork members complete a scavenger hunt around Sony Square NYC.

This millennial networking startup is saving the workforce from automation, one mimosa at a time

Millennials are drawn to an event series called brunchwork, where they hear from powerful executives and meet other ambitious professionals.
A quarter of US workers suffer from burnout when their colleagues are on vacation.

Your vacation is stressing out your millennial coworkers, and social media is only making it worse

23% of working professionals feel burned out when their coworkers take vacation, according to an exclusive survey from Business Insider and LinkedIn.
Millennials and Gen Zers are crowdfunding on Venmo.

Millennials and Gen Zers are turning to an unlikely source in an attempt to crowdfund cash for everything from coffee to medical bills

Millennials and Gen Z are using payment app Venmo as a crowdfunding platform for rent, bills, and immigration fees, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Home Depot is swooping into new territory after realizing it underestimated millennials

Around five summers ago, a group of Home Depot interns helped to relieve the company's worries about how millennials would take to home improvement.