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9 secret messages in sports uniforms and logos you may have never noticed

Professionals sports teams like the Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Capitals have secret messages built into their logos and uniforms.
Updated 2018 MLB Playoff Bracket.

World Series 2018 schedule: times, dates, and everything else you need to know for the grand finale

Now that the Championship Series are in the rearview mirror, two of the MLB's most iconic franchises will face off for the Commissioner's Trophy.

Christian Yelich accused Manny Machado of being a dirty player and reportedly called him a potty word after controversial play in NLCS

After the game, Christian Yelich called it "a dirty play by a dirty player," and then referred to Machado as something you should not say in front of your parents.

Former baseball executive: ‘MLB is going to do anything they can to have the Dodgers beat the Brewers’

The Los Angeles Dodgers will face the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Championship Series. David Samson, the former Miami Marlins president, told "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz" that MLB would "do anything they can" to have the Dodgers win the series.
Updated 2018 MLB Playoff Bracket.

MLB playoff 2018 schedule: everything you need to know for the ALDS and NLDS series

Now that the MLB Wild Card games are behind us, it's time to focus on the Division Series beginning Thursday night.

25-year-old Brewers All-Star pitcher has picked up the most apropos hobby in baseball — brewing his own beer

Corey Knebel is a dynamic closer on the mound for the Brewers, and he takes that title home with him where he often brews his own beer.

A Milwaukee Brewers prospect protected two women during the Vegas shooting

Bubba Derby was standing near the stage when shots began to ring out.

Fan confronted by Chris Christie at baseball game gives his side of the story

Brad Joseph took to Facebook to offer a more detailed explanation of how he happened to be accosted by the New Jersey governor

An MLB catcher suffered neck and knee injuries during a brutal home plate collision

This hasn't been Stephen Vogt's best season, but the first-place Brewers will still miss his presence behind the plate.

A streaker at a Brewers game getting annihilated by a security guard led to an incredible photo

If you are going to run on the field, at the very least, leave your pants on.