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Radicalised Indonesian domestic helpers who were detained had worked in Singapore for 6 to 13 years

They were drawn to violent visuals disseminated on multiple pro-ISIS social media chat groups, including beheading videos.

Myanmar nationals stage protest outside Singapore embassy in Washington

The protest at the Singapore embassy in Washington was attended by at least two dozen protesters.

Several Myanmar nationals face ‘security action’ in Singapore for rendering support to Rakhine insurgent group

The suspects investigated provided financial support to the Arakan Army, one of whom gave monthly contributions.

The petitioner who sparked a nationwide debate on black metal bands just added more groups to her ban list

There are calls for more metal bands to be banned from Singapore.

7 people linked to terrorist groups have been detained in Singapore and Malaysia – here’s what we know about them

A Singaporean businessman was instructed to attack a Freemasons centre in Johor Bahru in December 2018, but was afraid of getting caught.